Brainerd Minnesota Fishing Report: You got to love the fall bite for walleyes!

This week's Brainerd Minnesota fishing report talks about the great fall walleye action on several area lakes.

What do I love so much about fishing for fall walleyes in the Brainerd area? Well it is simple...if there is a time of the year where walleyes are predicable it is during the fall months. It is one of the times where you can nearly always fish by memory and get away with it. When it comes to fishing, 10% of the water will hold 90% of the fish.  This is especially true in the fall for walleyes when they make the move to put on the feed bag and school up. Each spot will have a good, better and best location on it.  A perfect example of this is a spot that I have found on Gull.   It is s large area that is roughly 300 yards long.  It is a sandy break that has some of the best cabbage on the lake. In that 300 yard stretch, you can catch a fish anywhere from 13-50 feet deep so there is a vast area to cover if you want to catch fish if you just want to fish. Brainerd fishing report

What I can tell you by honing in on this location it has 4 "spots on the spot" that will way more fish than others and one "exact spot on the spot" that holds really big fish.  I caught my first 10 pounder on the "exact spot" 11 years ago.  Fifteen minutes later I caught my second. Since that wonderful day, countless 6-10 1/2 pound fish have come off of that exact location.  I am not saying that other big walleyes haven't been caught in my boat outside of that "exact spot" at this location but what I am saying is the biggest fish DO concentrate on the best feeding areas on any given spot. The factors that make this spot the "exact spot" entails 3 things.  The first is being a perfect escape route to really deep basin areas so when they feed, they drop off and digest their food.  Number 2 is the fact the spot is hit by the predominant wind of the fall which will push the food on the feeding shelf.  Number 3, the sand just happens to turn to boulders from the 11-17 foot range that holds the baitfish which in turn holds the walleyes.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see people make when it comes to fall walleyes is fishing too deep.  A vast majority of the 6+ pound fish that have entered my boat have come from less than 20 feet of water with way more fish coming shallower than 15 feet. If you are in the search for your biggest fish, now is the time to not get cheap.  Spend the extra money on the largest red tails or creek chubs you can get your hands on.  This one step will increase your odds immensely.  Do not be afraid to go with a #2 or larger octopus hook.  With minnows bigger than 6 inches, I almost always use a #1/0.

Earlier this week, I had the chance to get out in the boat with a couple of good friends in search of some big fish.  We did find some really good ones but no monsters.  Our biggest fish of 25 inches came off the "exact spot" in 14 feet of water as I talked about above.  We caught a couple of other fish in the 21-23 inch range as well.  It was a good day of exploring the spots I have Gull since I hadn't touched them at all this fall. Brainerd Minnesota Fishing Report for Walleyes

Round Lake continues to be hot for fishermen.  The fish are scattered in all depths after the turn over and they should be once again starting to school up in masses.  A ton of great sized eaters are putting the feed bag on.  Creek chubs, red tails, golden shiners and rainbows are all catching fish.

Hubert is beginning to heat up and is on my hit list for this week.  Big fish have been moving out of the weeds and positioning themselves in the 17-25 foot range.  Be prepared to have a good struggle on your hands to catch fish under 20 inches!

The mid lake structures of North Long is also a great area for eaters.  Jigging a plain 1/4 to 3/8 oz jig 20-30 feet of water is the ticket. 

Foley's  bar area on Whitefish has been on fire.  25-40 feet with the biggest chubs you can find.

Many of the smaller lakes in the Brainerd are also still producing. Be sure to keep an eye on our Brainerd Minnesota fishing report each week for up to date information. Of course if you have limited time and want to increase the odds of a great fishing story feel free to give us a call. Be sure to stay in the warmth and comfort of one of the Baxter & Brainerd Minnesota Hotels listed on this site which give you quick access to all of the lakes mentioned and more.

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