Ice Fishing Report - Jan. 8, 2018

The fishing has slowed but still remains decent despite the cold temperatures in the Brainerd area.

The Deep Freeze Slowed the Fishing a Bit in the Brainerd Lakes

Walleyes are being caught on North Long on the main lake sections at 18-25 feet of water off of the mid-lake structures during low light periods. If you can find any gradually sloping points adjacent to deep water it will improve.

Dead sticking shiners and rainbows on a plain red hook was out-producing any sort of lure. Some fish were being caught on small 1/16 oz white jig heads.

Gull Lake walleyes have slowed to a crawl on the weed flats but some fish were coming at low light periods as well. The fish are a little deeper in the 25-45 foot depths with glow lures producing.  

Many crappies are being caught all around the Brainerd Lakes Area. The fish are staging in the deep basin holes of many of the lakes with the larger, deeper lakes producing crappies in the cabbage inside turns. Jigging spoons and plastics are being the best producers.

Bluegill action continues to be good all around the Brainerd Area. Smaller jigs have been out-producing larger jigs in most locations. Bright colors are the key. Plastic tails, waxies and eurolarvae are all producing fish about equally.

Northern pike action is hot everywhere. On the tops of weed flats and down the edges to about 15 feet with and shiners on tip-ups about 5 feet off the bottom on the edges and about a foot under the ice on top of the flats seem to be the magical formula. If you can find green weeds, you will find pike!

The small lakes around Crosslake are still producing panfish. Fish are aggressive but spooky so if you can handle being outside of your house, hole hopping will increase your catches.

Some big walleyes are biting on Upper and Lower Whitefish but there are some thinner ice areas so use caution if you decide to go out there. The fish are being found off of feeding flats in the 20-30 foot depths near deep basin waters. Perch colored jigs, spoons and minnow style baits were all producing. You can land on some spots that will have eaters but generally speaking you are going for the one bite a night that will most likely be of trophy size.

Alexander, Shamineau and Fishtrap Lakes are all producing panfish but you have to do some searching to land on the fish. When you do, it can be lights-out fishing. A smorgasbord of lures were working but changing your lure often increased catch rates.

The smaller lakes around the Crosby Area are producing crappies. Gold 1/10 oz Swedish Pimples and bright plastics on tungsten jigs were doing the best.

Be safe and good luck!

Nate Berg
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