Top Five New Year’s Resolutions and How to Accomplish Them in Brainerd

It's time to make good on those New Year's resolutions. If you're still debating on what to "resolve" this year, take some inspiration from our top five list.

#1. Get in Better Shape

Many of us start the year off (despite the crazy amount of holiday treats still looming about our homes), with a promise to ourselves that we are going to start eating healthier and exercising in order to get in better shape. But let's face it.. The holiday cookies still taste amazing and the gyms in January are just way too crowded. Walking on a treadmill and waiting for your turn in the weight room can get old quickly... So, what do we suggest? The great outdoors, of course! Where better to get in some cardio than outside? Rather than focusing on the overal goal of getting in better shape, focus on the steps you need to take towards your goals. For example, make a plan for yourself like "I will do an outdoor activity once a week." Here are some ideas to get you started.

Whether its downhill or cross-country, skiing is a great way to have fun while feeling the burn. 

Walking to your Ice Fishing Hole 
Yes, the ice is thick enough now to safely drive your truck on. And yes, you could also use your four wheeler to get to your fish house or pull out your pop up portable ice shelter, but why not combine your love of ice fishing with your goals to get healthier, and walk your way out to your ice house. It's a great workout!

Winter Mountain Biking
You can still go mountain biking, even in the winter! If you don't have a winter-friendly bicycle or you want to try before you buy, there are many local options for bike rental, too. Now is a great time to get your cycling in, and the views are just as breathtaking when covered in snow. View the Winter Fat Tire Trail Guide here.

Indoor Water Parks
Get your swim on and burn some calories while you entertain your kiddos. We understand not everyone loves being outside when it's a frigid 8 degrees like today (no judgement), but there are still ways to get exercise inside during the winter that aren't specific to the gym. All of the local waterparks offer day passes, although it can be a good idea to call ahead to check hours or to make sure they're not already at capacity. The waterparks can be a very popular place! 

#2. Try Something New

Traveling Art Pub
If you're looking for a new hobby or you've always wanted to learn how to paint, the Traveling Art Pub will give you an amazing chance to try a brush and canvas on for size. Check out their Facebook Page for upcoming events. These events are great for locals and visitors alike!

Local Breweries
With four local breweries available nearby, now is the time to try out a delicious craft beer. You may even pick up some tips from the owners on how to get started with your own at-home brew kit. Gather a group of friends and plan a brewery tour, you'll love getting a flight of beer at each to make sure you get a good taste of each of the different brews! 

#3 Self-Care and Relaxation
If 2016 had more work than play and more stress than relaxing, now is the perfect opportunity to take some time for yourself. Check out our local spas for some pampering, book a massage, or enjoy the arts.

#4. Take More Vacations
Hey, guess what - we're only two-ish hours away from Minneapolis, making it super easy to plan a weekend away. Make more time for "staycations" and rent a hotel in Brainerd for the weekend. 

#5. Spend Less/Save Money

Did you know we offer special hot deals and promotions to those staying in our hotels? In fact, we have a coupon book that is given only to our lodging guests. If spending less and saving more money is on your list this year, you don't have to sacrifice your other resolution to relax more and take more vacations. Check out our hot deals page to see which lodging facilities are offering specials now.

There you have it! Our top five list of New Year's Resolutions and how to make them happen in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Do you have a different resolution you're working on this year? Let us know on our Facebook page or Instagram account!