Winter Bird Report: Snowy Owl Spotted

Local birders spot a Snowy Owl and they head out looking for more birds.

At about 7:30 AM yesterday local birders found the Snowy Owl on a power pole at the intersection of Clearwater Road and Golf Course Drive. They watched it leave that perch and fly across the field to the northeast, through the townhomes and then lost it as it went into the area between the Target store and Bodyworks. At about 7:37 AM they relocated the snowy perched on the northeast corner of the Target store. They then sent a text to Judd Brink (local bird tour guide) to look for it when he got into Brainerd. At 8:30 AM another local birder also observed the snowy still perched on the northeast corner of the Target building. 

After finding the snowy they went into a birding frenzy and headed to the Gull Dam area where they found Trumpeter Swans, a pair of Mallards and some Common Mergansers. Then, they went south through Pillager to Randall and on to Royalton. At Royalton they went east and just outside of town they found Horned Larks, Snow Buntings and Lapland Longspurs in a large ag field. From there they took the Great River Road south to the dam at Sartell. In the open water below the dam they saw lots of Mallards and Common Goldeneyes with a few Common Mergansers closer to the dam. On the way home they spotted two Red-tail Hawks sunning themselves on tree perches.