Grizzly’s Grill N Saloon

15159 Edgewood Dr
Baxter, MN 56425

Phone: (218) 822-3877

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Grizzly's Grill and Saloon, just off Highway 371 North in Baxter recently re-opened with new carpet, new color, a changed ambiance and a new name - Grizzly's Wood-Fired Grill. The main focus is the live fire visible as customers enter the restaurant. Wood fire, red oak to be precise, is now how Grizzly's cooks. No gas. No charcoal. Rows of meat - chicken, brisket, pork, sirloin for sandwiches, chicken wings and prime rib - are all on a rotisserie above the wood fire. The aroma of wood smoke and meat cooking on a spit reaches out into the parking lot as a harbinger of things to come.

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