Submit Your Event to the Visit Brainerd Calendar

This calendar is open to all Brainerd Lakes Area events

Once submitted please allow up to 48 hours for the event to be reviewed and approved by our staff. All events submitted will be displayed on our website event calendar as well as the "Brainerd Lakes Area Updates" Mobile App. Additional information including flyers and images can be added by request by contacting the Visit Brainerd staff at 218-825-0410 or by email at


  • To activate one touch navigation to your event through the mobile app you must enter a valid address. If the event area does not have a specific address try entering the closest address you can find to the event area.
  • If you copy and paste content into this form the formatting may not work creating mini font in your posting. Either type information in or contact Visit Brainerd to fix the font.
  • Event image should be minimum of 320x450 pixels and 5:7 aspect ratio for optimal clarity.