Brainerd Lakes Area Fun Finders

Passionate promoters of Brainerd, Baxter, and Brainerd Lakes Area activities and events!

The Brainerd Fun Finders are a group of volunteers that go to local events, do area activities, and visit local attractions gathering photos, video, and writing content. This content will be used for marketing through the different web and social media outlets used by Visit Brainerd. Fun finders are not paid for their efforts however twice per year there will be awards for “Best Of” in different categories. For example best photo, video, or blog. In addition there will be a peer voted fun finder of the year award given each fall. Awards will vary and will consist of cash prizes as well as lodging nights and Water Park passes.

Fun finders must wear Visit Brainerd/Fun Finder logo wear at all times while representing Visit Brainerd. A professional appearance and behavior are expected as you are a representative of Visit Brainerd. Attendance at the monthly Visit Brainerd event meeting is also encouraged.

Become a Fun Finder

Although a voluntary role there are limited opportunities to be a Fun Finder due to the access granted to local attractions .

  • Those interested must apply by filling out a short application - Fun Finder Application
  • Submitt a blog titled “Meet Fun Finder _(Applicant name)_ that is at least 300 words long to
  • Submit a short video version of the blog that is between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The blog is an introduction to the applicant’s background, skills, hobbies, personality, and why they love the lakes area and want to be a fun finder. The video length is not important however quality and personality are. Be creative, energetic, and fun in your introductions. Submit to
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